How many keys do you have left?

"You have a finite number of keystrokes left in your hands before you die."

Exactly how many is that?

Your keystrokes.


Your email signature.

This email is short because I have only so many

What does it all mean?

Let's assume you'll live to at least . That's  years left. We'll assume you spend half your working day typing full speed. That's hours a day of nothing but typing. There's an average of letters in a word in English.

That means, in your remaining lifetime you have these left in your hands:

  •  Keystrokes Left
  •  Tweets Left
  •  Novels Left
  •  Computer Programs Left
  •  Love Letters Left


  •  Emails to your boss left

Where do you want the gift of your keystrokes to go?

Why does this matter?

When you email someone you are giving them not only the gift of your attention but also your limited remaining keystrokes.

If you email someone one on one, you're reaching that one person.

What can you do?

Rather than answering every email, consider blogging the answer and emailing them the link to your post. Perhaps a knowledge base or wiki would be a better place for your work to live.

Assuming you want your message to reach as many people as possible, blog it, don't email it.